How many budgies does the Budgieman own?

The Budgieman has about 15-20 budgies at any one time. Around half of these are trained. The other young ones watch and learn from the Budgieman and the other budgies. He also looks after rescued and disabled budgies.

How long does it take to teach a budgie tricks?

First of all you have to learn to love and care for your budgies so that they learn and love you. With good training they can master all sorts of tricks within 12 to 18 months. Young budgies, like young humans play about too much and cant be easily trained. Budgies can start to learn from about 3 years old.

How do you teach them tricks?

All the budgies are carefully trained by the Budgieman. How he teaches them is a special secret. Watch the website, as he may give away some secrets in the future.

Where and when can I see him perform?

The Budgieman used to perform on the Southbank in front of the Tate Modern in London between April and October.

How many times a day do they perform?

On a good day budgies used to perform between 10 and 15 times. The budgies got plenty of rest inbetween shows.

Is the budgieman available for private hire?

The budgieman used to perform for private performances such as childrens and adults birthday parties, corporate events and shop openings. He is now retired from performing.