Budgieman Story

As a young man Don realised he had budgie power. But a tragic course of events saw Don become very sick and loose the pets that he loved so much.

Don Crown sign writerDon had to turn to sign writing. “It was a sad time in my life and sign writing was something to keep me going” Don said. “I been doing this for years…and I keep doing it because people really like my Christmas windows.”

Even today, Don is still asked to sign write windows and his work can be seen over East London, especially around Christmas time.


Years later, Don’s generosity of a decade ago rewards him. After a chance meeting and with luck bad and good, the Budgieman has come back from near death.

Anyone who has seen the Budgieman perform knows he writes and sings some very catchy tunes. Recording is currently underway to capture some of these fun and memorable melodies. Stay tuned to this website over the coming months for news relating to their release.

Don also has a serious side and has written tunes that make people stop and think. He has even had letters from the Queen after he wrote a song for her when the Queen Mother, God bless her, passed away.

Don has had ill health over the years and has been unlucky in diagnoses.

Come into the audience and discover just how amazing Don and his budgerigars really are! The Budgieman used to be seen during the summer months performing on the Southbank outside the Tate.

He is now retired from public performance and enjoys his time caring for his budgies.