Budgieman - Don Crown

Many people all over the world who have visited the Southbank of the River Thames in London would have seen the Budgieman performing outside the Tate Modern at the weekends during the summer months.

Although now retired from public performance, the Budgieman has amazed everyone from young children to adults with his magical budgies that perform a variety of clever tricks to his Budgieman Song. In this website you will find useful information about the Budgieman and budgerigars.

Budgieman Story

Don Crown aka "Budgieman" has been a lover of budgies since his early age. He later performed with his budgies on TV, film and around London. He has now retired from public performance but still looks after his budgies. Read his story.


Don has been writing music and performing since the 1970's. He can play a number of instruments and composes all of his work in his head. Read about his music or buy the songs.

Budgie advice

If you need any advice or wish to share advice about caring for budgies, please Contact Us.


From TV, film makers to documentaries and tourists, Budgieman has been filmed all around London. Watch his videos.